A Short History

The company is founded by Ralph Geuenich, born in Cologne in 1971, master of plumbing and heating construction.

With the work in the crafts of installation and heating construction the success of this company begins, setting up elegant bathrooms, wellness oases and pool landscapes as well as constructing diverse heating systems and creating piping systems for the supply and disposal of all media in the entire building technology.

With the aim of attracting very well-trained employees, the idea arises to promote and train the next generation ourselves.

Beginning in September, the company starts to trains installers and heating engineers or system mechanics for plumbing, heating and air conditioning technology for the first time. This is a demanding apprenticeship that takes almost four years. To date, all eight trainees have successfully completed their apprenticeship - something we are proud of!

The sole proprietorship is transformed into a corporation with the legal form of a limited liability company.

The company continues to grow and develop its business areas. Renewable energies such as solar and geothermal heat enable the construction of even more efficient systems for heating and hot water production. The utilization of rain and gray water is also another very successful business model.

Employment of the first fully trained technical staff who have all successfully passed their final exams at the first attempt. Some of them continued their careers with a vocational diploma or the master's certificate before starting to study supply engineering.

Even a crafts enterprise needs a well-functioning office and staff. Beginning in September, the company also starts to train in the field of commerce for the first time, employing of course modern office communication technologies.

Integration of the craft of refrigeration system construction in the field of air conditioning and ventilation of residential and commercial buildings as well as the cooling of technically used building parts such as IT and server rooms. The constant technical development and the excellent designs enable the company to build economical and elegant cooling and ventilation systems.

The integration of electrical engineering completes the range of business offers for technical building services. The company now offers full service for the safe and economical operation of buildings, from single-family houses to apartments and larger objects.

The company celebrates its 10th anniversary!

The global economic development and increasing globalization prompted Ralph Geuenich GmbH to successfully market its services outside of Germany. The development of new markets in Eastern Europe and on the Asian continent has been decided.

Life goes on...


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